About Us

Our Commitment

Westnet®, Inc. was founded over 30 years ago in Orange County, California.  With it’s beginning in wireless radio networks as a communications service provider, Westnet was approached by local fire departments in need of quality communications products. Westnet utilized its staff of RF Design Engineers and Wireless Specialists to develop state-of-the-art equipment for the fire service.  Several years later, we continue to implement the most advanced technologies available to provide products that are both easy to use and easy to service. Westnet fully believes that a manufacturer cannot build superior equipment without first understanding the demands placed upon the individuals using and servicing that equipment.  Westnet maintains that research and technology drive the creation of innovative designs and breakthrough products. We proudly continue to serve both fire and communications personnel in their every day fight to protect and serve.

Westnet’s Quality Assurance

We absolutely understand that the equipment you rely upon has to work when you need it – lives depend on it.  Our passion for the fire service drives us to continue setting the standard for alerting excellence. Stringent quality control standards are applied to all equipment we manufacture.  Every product must pass Westnet Integration Laboratory Inspections and Engineering Qualification Regulations.  All First-In Smart Station Systems are tested with a minimum of 1,000 successful alerts prior to delivery.

It’s a different world

America has the most highly trained firefighters in the world, yet the changing and challenging role of today’s First Responder brings the importance of firefighter health and safety to the forefront. Westnet believes that preserving the health of your crew is achieved by the advanced safety features of First-In.  

The First-In Fire Station Alerting System is an investment in your entire department.  First-In is the only alerting system specifically engineered, designed and manufactured for firefighters.